The 1 Gallery – Discovering and Celebrating Art from Yorkshire.

The 1 Gallery comprises of an online portfolio of curated art and creativity plus a private (by appointment only) gallery in the heart of Hull’s Old Town, for prospective clients interested in the featured artists’ work.

It also arranges special evening and daytime talks and workshops, along with exhibitions of artist’s work throughout the year. Please sign up on the website (link below) to hear about them when they occur.

The 1 Gallery’s aim is to find interesting ways to live up to it’s strapline – Discovering and Celebrating Art from Yorkshire. And to carefully bring together a range of art, books, products and projects that it feels will be appreciated by lovers of ‘Art from Yorkshire’ worldwide.

Working with Artists: I offer my skills (over 30 years in the Design & Branding world) to Artists who’s work I believe warrant greater exposure. Who likewise appreciate the kind of creative and professional business support The 1 Gallery can offer.

Such as helping to authentically represent themselves, developing beneficial connections and enhancing distribution of their art. This involves; Online Art Retailing, Creative Consulting, Artistic Brand Development, Event Management, Art Licensing and Product Creation.

With some artists, I invest my time and resources into the long term future of those Artists’ work and personal aims, sharing in the results of that success. Taking away some of the challenges of day to day, promotional and sales activity. So they can carry on doing what they need to do… creating the space for art!

The 1 Gallery also includes single works or collections from both new and as yet undiscovered Artists, as well as highly established ones. I am always keen to hear from artists that feel they would like to be considered for inclusion.

To facilitate all of those things, the guiding business principles and commercial objectives of The 1 Gallery are to be very ‘lean’ (thanks in part to the virtues of online technology and support in kind from supporters and benefactors). In order that a good percentage of those profits can be directed towards projects and ideas that also support the future of Art & Creativity Yorkshire.

Such as;

faviconFree tutorials/mentoring for young artists showing unique potential,
(especially those outside of the art education system).

faviconCreation of local, free networking events and talks for lovers of Art & Creativity in Yorkshire.


An original pencil drawing of the singer Rita Ora by The 1 Gallery artist Paul Wtorkowski.
(at the bottom of the page is an oil painting, “Reclining Figure” by the same artist)





Prolific Hull Playwright Dave Windass and Hull Poetry Publisher Shane Rhodes (Wrecking Ball Press), regular attendees of our Gallery events.

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