An authentic voice from ’ULL, creatively making things happen in and after the 2017 UK City of Culture.

In early 2012, the LUVULL brand and website was started as a simple blog. Focussing on the exciting and positive creativity that was going on here.

In 2013 Hull won the 2017 UK City of Culture. Getting its chance to shine in the spotlight. Now LUVULL has become a great way to celebrate its residents sense of local pride and also an innovative way for people and businesses to actively support creative projects made here, not just for 2017 but hopefully far beyond. Featuring interesting current local creative people and projects.

Revenues made from LUVULL products, services and offers are directed into its ongoing development and the local projects it supports.

It has some great people and like minded friends to call on. And now hopefully YOU! as a regular on and offline supporter in whatever way you can.

I hope you like it and share it!



Hull’s  future Brand Champions! (Click image to buy a “LUVULLY BADGE!”)

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