OK. Sometimes when you draw a self-portrait it’s not going to be very flattering! It’s hard to keep a smile up when you’re staring intently at yourself in a mirror for over an hour.

I did this after a private portrait drawing lesson with a client who came to me at PAD STUDIOS. There’s no post photo retouching here. Just the bald faced evidence of what was in front of me. Sometimes you need to see yourself.. as you are, not the person you think you are.

That’s what I love about drawing portraits. For an hour and a half I was lost in the puzzle of where the folds and creases melted together, where the irises fell on their related eyeballs, where my ear began and where it ended. (Which is apparently with no pretensions of petiteness!). I’m really quite happy with the drawing and looking forward to the future versions of my encounter with form, placement, proportion and the ageing process. If it was good enough for Rembrandt…

Which is why I’d like to encourage you to come along to my new portrait drawing sessions during the week, no matter what age you are.

They are on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays from 10am until 2.00pm. Bookable in blocks of six -£75. So I guess you may be a passionate student, active retiree, independently wealthy or resting between jobs at those times of the week. What is waiting though is a welcoming, calm, creative and supportive enclave for your drawing level and potential in the heart of Hull’s old town. A place that acknowledges and may indeed record on paper, your own unique presence in the world.


More info: www.padnpencil.uk/mid-port-draw

Bookings: http://luvull.com/product/mid-port-draw-sessions/

OR – If you‘d prefer a session sooner, join me on the 6th July for a four hour SATURDAY PORTRAIT DRAWING SESSION – £20.

Book now at: https://luvull.com/product/sat-portrait-sessions

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