As a twenty-year-old working-class lad from Hull, I looked into a mirror in the back bedroom of my parent’s council house and drew myself (see below). Capturing a moment in time with a simple pencil. It wasn’t bad. It showed some promise. It was a sign to me that like many other self portaitists from history, I could create something meaningful with very little.

Hull College of Art and Design then had me for three years where I studied Graphic Design. (Happily, with two figure drawing classes per week!). Duly trained, my purpose clear, for the last forty years I have applied myself mainly to designing logos, creating adverts then later on, a fair few websites. Helping businesses communicate who they are and why you should connect with them.

A few logos for local people.

So in the late 70’s I left my drawing passion behind. I didn’t see myself as an Artist” looking to express my own take on the world (even if I’d felt it was an option). No, my mind was focused on being a designer. I was excited to have creativity in my life, answering briefs, learning my craft and becoming part of the professional agency and consultancy world.


In 2015 I came back to drawing somewhat, by running a weekly figure drawing session at my Studio. In which I felt blessed to spend time in front of another human, giving me the chance to capture their physical form with a pencil once again. Offering a few hours respite, in the company of my fellow drawers, from the constant pressures of daily life. Great practice but I had no more expectations from it other than that.

Until, in April 2019 I revisited the thinking of Eckhart Tolle (the German spiritual teacher) who points people towards developing a sense of awareness of the ‘moment’, of being present. Learning how to accept or enjoy the power of now. His writings struck a deep chord in me.

I believe like him, that people are searching for a sense of inner peace in an ever more complicated, ‘always on’ world. Especially those in the creative industries themselves. This confirmed in me a decision to commit more time to fully exploring once again my own passion for drawing the human form and also to witnessing the stories told by its inner voices.

So I have challenged myself to start afresh, with a little more life experience added..

To begin my own journey of getting better at both seeing and drawing.

To look at ways of enjoying and promoting the drawing process and its potential benefits to improved awareness, in businesses, in education, to sections of the public and to other budding creatives.


I guess I’m saying that after 40 years, I now believe I have something to explore as an Artist myself!


May I recommend..

The New Earth”

By Eckhart Tolle

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